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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Product Selection in Planet Antares Vending Machine Business

With vending industry reaching its pinnacle, several hundreds of vending machine models alone with products to be offered in them have been designed. The success of this business is influenced by several factors and “products” dispensed is one among them. There are several factors that influence the choice of product selection. For instance: the kind of machine used, target audience, location and pricing. Keeping these things in mind operators need to select a product that he would like to dispense in his machine. Stocking your machine with the right kind of product is going to give you guaranteed success? How do you know if a product is perfect or not? There are few aspects that help you in your choice of product selection. These are:

• Branded items: Modern customers are highly brand cautious. So, try to offer branded products. Another benefit of selling branded products is that operator need not incur additional expenses on advertising as brand name itself creates a demand for the product.

• Planet Antares is purely an instinct based business so presentation is very important. Attractive packaging is capable of grabbing customer’s attention even forces them to purchase the product.

• One of the attractive features of vending business is its high profit margins. Hence operators should always try to prefer products with high profit margins. This is the best way to generate more revenue from every single item sold.

• Quality is also vital for success of a business. Hence operators should never compromise on quality. Try to vend only high quality products. This has dual benefits. First, it will increase your good will in the market and second thing is that it also boosts sales of your products.

• Consider your target customers financial ability while choosing the product: If you are setting up your vending business in a middle class locality, then vend products that are within their range.

• Try to vend latest and innovative products that have huge demand: With changing times, customer’s tastes and preferences are also changing. So try to introduce latest and novel products that meet their requirements.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Planet Antares Vending Business- Ideal Career Option

Are you tired of your regular job? Planning to start your own business just for a change? Most of us would love to be self employed but hesitate to make any moves in that direction due to lack of clarity and guidance. Vending could be appropriate business option for all you guys. This is perhaps the only business model that offers flexibility, great income and best on job work experience.

What is that you would need to take up your own business? First of all you have clarity in your approach. Are you going to take over an existing vending route or are you going to start from the scratch? Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance in case of an existing route, machines are already in place and they have their own set of customers. So, there isn’t much for you to do. All you need is to ensure that these machines are sufficiently stocked and taken care of.

When it comes to setting up a new machine on your own, it is little time consuming. But one thing is for sure in this method. You can do things the way you want them to be and need not compromise on any issue as in the case of taking over an existing route. Your next move is to identify the products you would like to offer in these machines. As a vending operator, you have complete freedom in deciding what you would like to offer to your customers.

In case you are new to this profession, you can go ahead with standard products like soda, coffee, candy, snack or hot chocolate. You can also try your luck by offering a combination of two or more products at a time. For instance: you can vend both branded and unbranded products together. This would not only boost the sales of your unbranded items but satisfy the needs of brand conscious customers.

Planet Antares vending machines allows you to cater to needs of wide range of customers and at the same time guarantee high revenue.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vending Tips from Planet Antares

The very decision of taking up a vending business is in itself a big success. But before you proceed any further, make sure you conduct a thorough market research. This would help you in selecting and picking up locations that are financially profitable for you and beneficial for your business. High customer traffic locations are ideal for installing vending machines. Location also needs to be centralised so that commutation becomes easier. In case you do not see any productivity in these locations after placing your machine, you need to look out for new locations.

Although there are several locations with huge customer traffic, finalising one among them is quite challenging. Choice of a location is influenced by several factors like the kind of product you are going to vend and target audience. For instance refreshment drinks vending machine is ideal if you are targeting all age groups of customers, a candy machine is advisable if you are targeting kids. Cold calling is one way that helps in identifying the best vending location. You probably have to pay the business a percentage of your profits. This can be decided by you. Once you machines have been installed in prime localities, all you need is to keep them well stocked and in proper working conditions.

Vending business can be a great way to make money as long as you maintain every thing in a perfect and organised way. If your business does well, then you can hire people to work for you and you can sit back relaxed making money. Prompt servicing and proper maintenance of vending machine is equally important. As part of maintenance program, operators should empty the change drawer whenever they get full in order to avoid jamming. Otherwise customers will have problem in purchasing products from your machine. Ensure that you dispose off outdated stock. This is very important in case you are vending medicines. Efficient and prompt servicing will attract more and more customers to your vending machines.

Other aspects that need consideration are designing of appropriate marketing strategies that can boost your business. However, choice of mode and media of advertisement would depend on your scale of operations and budget. These simple aspects if borne in mind can bring you huge success.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Product Selection Crucial For Vending Success

Vending is a very profitable business if only you understand the trick of the game. Now that you have decided to take up vending, your next move would be selection of product. There are various kinds of products available in the market and their choice is influenced by several factors like target customers and the locality in which your machine is placed.

However, conducting a thorough market research is imperative before starting this business. This research helps in gathering vital information about customer’s tastes and preferences, competitors, their strategies and latest entrants in the market. Having the right product in the right machine will ensure you guaranteed sales. Few aspects that need to be considered while choosing the right kind of product are:

• Knowledge of customer taste and preference: Modern customers are becoming brand cautious. So, try to offer branded products. Moreover, if an operator sells branded products, he need not spend any additional amount on advertising as brand name itself creates a demand for the product.
• Attractive packing: Presentation is important. An attractive packing grabs the attention of customers and even forces them to try the product.
• Products with high profit margins: Always prefer products with high profit margins. In this way you will be able to generate more revenue from every single item sold.
• Always prefer high quality products: Never compromise on quality. Try to vend only high quality products. This has dual benefits. First, it will increase your good will in the market and second thing is that it also boosts sales of your products.
• Consider your target customers financial ability while choosing the product: If you are setting up your vending business in a middle class locality, then vend products that are within their range.
• Try to vend latest and innovative products that have huge demand: With changing times, customer’s tastes and preferences are also changing. So try to introduce latest and novel products that meet their requirements.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Irrespective of Changing Times Vending Is Still Perfect Cash Generating Business-How?

Vending is one of the most profitable business opportunities. Irrespective of your financial limitations, anyone can start this business. The amount of capital needed for this business is highly reasonable when compared to other forms of businesses.

Irrespective of whatever business you take up, never make haste. A detailed and thorough market research is required for achieving success in this business. If you are an upcoming entrepreneur, you need to be very calculated and cautious in your approach. To begin with, you need to make a rough estimate of all the possible expenses you may incur in the processing of starting a vending business. Both long term and short term expenses needs to be included. Commissions to be paid, cost of stock to be purchased, electricity bills to be paid and permit fee should be considered while estimating expenses.

In case you have limited financial reserves, then these funding alternatives may be useful for you.

• Leasing: Nowadays almost all manufacturers or suppliers are coming up with financing and leasing options. Few manufacturers may even allow you to pay the amount in easy monthly instalments. This method is highly beneficial for new and upcoming vending operators.

• Loans: Banks and other financial institutions may also help you. To avail these kinds of loans, you need to prepare a detailed business plan stating your objective and goal of starting this business. If you meet all the requirements, you loan is sure to get approved.

• Tax: Every vending operator needs to act smart and make wise decisions. You have to use the tax loopholes for your own business advantage. Several subsidies are available for new operators, these can be shown as expenses and thus reduce taxable income.

Several financial institutions are set up with a view to serve new and upcoming entrepreneurs. You can make use of these modes and start your business with a free mind.

For more information, get in touch with Planet Antares staff and get full knowledge on starting up your own vending business.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Operating a Vending Business

Vending is no doubt one of the most profitable home based business opportunity. But before you jump start, make sure you acquire sufficient knowledge about this business. Besides knowledge, you also need to have the right attitude and managerial skills that can help you reap profits from this business. If you expect vending business to be a simple cake walk, then you are thoroughly mistaken. This business involves a lot of hurdles which you would be able to overcome with right approach.

The cost of starting a vending business is quite low when compared to many other business ventures. So depending upon your financial ability, you have to decide on how much you would like to invest. Based on this decision you can go for purchase of a new vending machine. If you have limited budget you can go for simple machines but on the other hand in case you are looking to invest little higher amount, you can purchase a slightly complicated machine with latest features. You can check out the variety from Planet Antares by contacting them with your requirements.

Before you decide on which machine you would purchase, a thorough market research is advisable. This research not only helps in choosing the best machine but also helps you find out how many similar operators are existent in the market, kinds of machines used by them, products offered by them and customer traffic in that location. All this information would form the basis for establishing your vending business.

In order to become a successful vending operator, you also need to give enough importance to maintenance of your machine. Maintenance here would mean regular servicing of the machine, its refilling, replacement of old, outdated or expired products and collecting cash on time. If you have more number of machines, you can also delegate this work to others.

Starting a vending business is one of the easiest tasks hence almost anyone can do it. However in order to become a successful entrepreneur, you need a lot of hard work, proper planning and careful and strategic approach.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is Advertising Necessary In Vending Business?

What is advertising? What is its necessity in a business? This is something most vending operators would like to know. Advertising is a mode of communication that tries to persuade customers and potential customers to purchase one or more products of a particular brand. In fact, it acts as a catalyst between target audience and the products and services operators are trying to sell. Advertisement ensures guaranteed response from audience and helps in establishing a concrete source of revenue for the operator.

When it comes to necessity of advertising, over the past few years it has been observed that advertising has been able to create awareness in the minds of customers and create an instinct in them to purchase a product. The impact of advertising has been so high, that customers have started associating products with the ads they watch. With more and more medium for advertising increasing, businessmen and customers are enjoying the benefits.

With a guarantee of huge returns, companies are also ready to spend huge money on various modes of advertising. Besides the traditional forms of advertising like newspaper ads, several latest options like TV, Websites, yellow pages, classifieds, banners, coupons and posters several other means are available. Internet is the latest entrant in the filed of advertising. Net browsing has enabled people to update themselves with every minute detail just at the click of a mouse.

The role and necessity of advertising undoubtedly depends on the kind of products you vend. For instance: if you are selling a branded product, you need not spend any additional amount on advertising as the company would take care of everything. But on the other hand if you are dealing with unbranded products, you may need to resort to yellow pages or news paper classifieds. The scale of operation also determines your choice of advertising tool. In case you are operating on a small scale, yellow pages may be sufficient but in case you have several machines located in various places, you may have to make use of internet.

Whatever may be the case, advertising is definitely going to impact your business by popularising your business and thus spreading your reach. Contact Planet Antares to plan advertising for your vending business. They assist you in planning your advartizing campaign after analyzing your business needs. Planet Antares Inc provides state-of-the-art vending machines across US and Canada.

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